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Thursday, January 17, 2019
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Seminar Attendee Feedback

 “Every citizen should learn all they can about the Constitution and how it works.  The seminar was fantastic!” – Don (Carmel, IN)

“My ignorance of the Constitution in how and why it was constructed was made evident by this module which is why I intend on attending the remaining modules.” – Steve (Avon, IN)

Excellent; time well spent…More people need to know about this seminar and take advantage of the excellent opportunity to learn more about our Constitution… I am looking forward to the remaining modules.” – Charles (Greencastle, IN)

 By many measures, a provocative exegesis on the nature and fundamental components of the Constitution….It may be argued that compulsory Civics would be best served by the principles here expounded.” – Nick (Evansville, IN)

“The seminar was wonderful!  John Hostettler is professional and knowledgeable…The class was interesting and thought provoking.  I'm telling friends about the class and they are interested in attending.” – Rosalinda (Schererville, IN)

 “By understanding how the Constitution was written and where it came from and the intent for which it was written, I am more able to redirect my efforts to attempt a change in the direction this great country is headed.” – Phil (Evansville, IN)

“The material was good as was the quality of the presentation…The seminar was very interesting.  Module #1 left me hungry for more.  I am looking forward to the next module…A nationwide awakening needs to happen to fix the problem [of a lack of understanding of the Constitution].  Classes like this are key to that happening.” – Spencer (Bloomington, IN)

 “Wish we could do this every night!” – Wade (Evansville, IN)

My wife…and I were very pleased with the Module 1 presentation we attended…the quality of the material used exceeded our expectations and the topics were thoughtfully arranged…[the] presentation of the information was exceedingly well done...” – Donald (Reelsville, IN)

 “Excellent!  I look forward to future segments.” – Jim (Evansville, IN)

“Very informative.” – Carol (Indianapolis, IN)

 “Very interesting.  Stimulating ideas.  The Constitution is beautiful in its perfection.” – Ruth (Evansville, IN)

“Very informative and interesting class.  It’s wonderful to have someone who worked ‘for the people’ teach this class and try to help us learn what is important to know...” –Nancy (Indianapolis, IN)

 “Skillfully presented.  Wealth of knowledge on the subject.” – Tim (Evansville, IN)

“What an eye-opener.” – Thomas (Coatesville, IN)



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More feedback....


 “The Module 1 speech interested me.  It taught me things I didn’t know existed.  It helped me realize the truth about the Constitution.” – Hannah (Blairsville, IN)

“Enjoyed it very much.  Stimulated a lot of thought and good conversation.” – Jim (Avon, IN)

 “My husband and I watch and listen and read a lot of what is going on in the world, our country, our state, and our local government.  How thrilled I was when I received an email offering this course to study and understand our United States Constitution!...It is everything I expected from John Hostettler – truth and facts.” – Jeanne (Evansville, IN)

“Very thought-provoking!” – Tina (Mooresville, IN)

 “Awesome info.  The document is very misunderstood.” – Mark (Evansville, IN)

“Great start to the series.  I am looking forward to the next session.  John Hostettler is to be commended for spending some of his time to better inform fellow citizens about our Constitution.” – Max (Plainfield, IN)

 “I believe the most important component of Module 1 is the basic recognition that the system must be the original platform of discussion.  This allows the student of the Constitution to objectively examine issues of substance both historic and contemporary.” – Jeremy (Evansville, IN)

“It was extremely informative…All in all, very good.  Keep up this wonderful idea.” – Roger (Indianapolis, IN)

 “At the end of Module 1, I started wishing that Module 2 would be scheduled for tomorrow!” – Jana (Newburgh, IN)

“A lot of information but presented in a manner that I could understand.” – Martha (Evansville, IN)

“Very informative.” – Bill (Newburgh, IN) 

“Can’t wait for the next module.” – Bill (Evansville, IN)

“John is well informed and passionate about helping others clearly understand the original ideas within our written Constitution.  The discussions after the presentation helped me connect history to our current events.” – Kathy (Evansville, IN)