The Constitution Institute
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Federalism * Enumerated Powers * Separation of Powers

Module 5 - Articles IV-VI & Amendments

What is the “Full Faith and Credit” clause?


How has the Congress recently exercised its authority under the clause?


Why is it important to understand the difference between “privileges” and “rights?”


What is the relationship between the federal government and “[t]erritories…belonging to the United States?”


Why is it important to understand the difference in the relationships of the federal government and territories and the federal government and the individual states?


What form of government is guaranteed to every state of the United States?


What is the only method of modification of the United States Constitution?


Should its prominence in the constitution inform us of the Framers perspective on a “living constitution?”


What is the “Supremacy Clause?”


What does the “Supremacy Clause” say and, more importantly today, what does it NOT say?


The Constitution Institute will educate Americans on the true nature of power in Washington, DC.  It is only then that we will give attention to that power and demand that our elected representatives exercise it for the preservation of our liberty.