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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Who Leads on Spending?

"Power of the purse"

The power of the purse is a question that I have found myself wrestling with lately in regards to the legality of certain federal programs,being funded through the individual states.  I understand Madison's clear expectations for the federal government's limitations over the state's.  If my understanding is correct, the individual state governments can negotiate for federal funds for it's local projects.  i.e... education, and infrastructure. The federal government through it's various deparments in the executive branch will appropriate funds to the state governments if they succumb to the will of the federal government's demands/expectations.  I suppose this is constitutionally legal because the state's "don't have" to take the money?  Perhaps it's the golden rule "He who has the gold makes the rules?  I'm curious if these departments and programs would even exist if the individual states refused to accept funds from the federal level for such things?  
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Kenny Duncan

Posted by KennyD 2014-03-13 15:20:14